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In 2012,  NCASA started running tournaments in the hopes of bringing a new standard of tournaments to Eastern NC.  The goal wasn't and has never been to be the biggest.  The goal was simply to provide a different option where the young ladies that play this sport feel valued and appreciated. Simply stated - We wanted to make a positive impact that would perhaps help fuel their desire/passion to keep playing and enjoy everything that softball has to offer. During our first few years, we managed to hit that goal by providing better awards - more recognition at events - scholarship opportunities and discount opportunities for teams.  As other organizations caught up with us in terms of awards and recognition, we failed to keep pushing for that edge to keep teams playing with us.

During this time we have had some great milestones.  We've helped raise over $20,000 for the Meg's Smile Foundation through our Bunn's Benefit Bash.  Which in and of itself is incredible when you consider that we've only held three BBB tournaments and have never had more than 25 teams.  As a matter of fact, on average, $160 of a teams entry fee goes toward the charity.  We've also raised more than $10,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project through our Diamond Warrior tournaments which continues to grow year after year.  NC ASA as a whole, awards more than $5,000 a year in scholarships and is the only association in North Carolina who provides scholarship opportunities to players from their tournaments.  However, at the root of it all, is being able to provide quality tournaments with great officials in a competitive atmosphere.

So, we are getting back to the basics with our goal of creating an iMpact and will constantly strive to improve our events.  Our partnership with Boyd Lee Park and the East Carolina University softball stadium is a key part of that.  I'm very excited about what lays ahead in 2016 as we gear up for the remaining tournaments in 2015.

Please take the time to review the entire web site.  There is a ton of information here that should answer all your questions about playing with ASA as well as some new initiatives we have.


We are very excited to announce a new partnership with BOWNET!  What this means for NC ASA is that our tournaments in the Eastern part of the state will offer prize packages that simply are unheard of.  Not only will we be offering some great BOWNET products, but we know that you have to keep hydrated and there's nothing like a ice cold gatorade or bottled water after a game.  That's why we will also be giving out YETI Coolers at select events.  If you haven't checked out BOWNET lately, they aren't just nets any more!  BOWNET will be launching it's own line of equipment bags in addition to the NO Error brand as well as Ice Therapy applications from ICE20.  Be sure to check out all the cool gear at our eastern tournaments!! 

iMpact Fastpitch

A simple reminder to always try to make a positive impact in someone's life, every day of ours!  Be on the lookout for iMpact Fastpitch events in 2016 all aimed at helping your players become better athletes and making a positive impact on their softball life.  You can also check out our iMpact Fastpitch gear by going to the Gear and Stuff page.

2016 ASA National Locations

10U ASA/USA - Stockton, CA                       10U ASA Eastern Regional National - Sterling, VA

12U ASA/USA - Salem, VA                            12U ASA Eastern Regional National - Sterling, VA

14U ASA/USA - Sioux Falls, SD                       14U ASA Eastern Regional National - Prince George, VA

16U ASA/USA - College Station, TX              16U ASA Southern Regional National - Columbus, GA

18U ASA/USA - Bloomington, IN                   18U ASA Eastern Regional National - York, PA

                                                                         18U ASA Southern Regional National - Johnson City, TN

For a complete list of National events and their locations, please view the ASA Nationals page.

Bragging Rights!

See how your team stacks up against other teams at the State, Regional, and National levels with the MVPower Rankings.  

The Power Rankings are a mathematical formula to calculate a team's standing in their age division. They are calculated each Tuesday morning from the bracket results of the previous weekend's tournaments in the TournamentASA system. Teams need to play in a minimum of 3 games to be listed. After week 21 (June 1st), teams need to have played in a minimum of 2 ASA tournaments to be listed.

You can view the National rankings by choosing one of the age divisions at the top of the file menu. Or you can view the rankings for a specific ASA region by clicking on the + icon and opening the region then choosing the age division. You can also view the rankings for individual age divisions for each Association that is using TournamentASA system by clicking on the + icon for the Association and choosing the age division.

When you are viewing the rankings you can click on the individual team to view each tournament bracket game the team played with results and links to each of the opponents and tournament bracket.

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